1. Microprocessor system design (single-chip 8051/PIC, Z80, 6502 / or customer specified MCU Chip...)
  2. Industrial machinery automation planning and design (single control / computer connection control (serial communication interface RS232/485...)
  3. Home appliances, electronic products, toys and other design and manufacturing (IR/ RF/ voice IC/ LCD/ Module Application...)
  4. Professional electronic circuit design (digital/ analog/ RF/ TV/ Voice/ IC card applications...)
  5. Industrial electronics control (AC/ DC Control, Triac, SCR ...)
  6. RF wireless remote communications product design and manufacture applications (one-way transmission: 433MHz/ two-way transmission: 2.4GHz...)
  7. Touch electronic circuit design (touch panel Related Products Applications...)
  8. PCB Multilayer Watchman touch works (DIP.SMD. Thick multilayer circuit structure analysis...)
  9. Power circuit design (DC to DC/ AC to DC/ charger applications...)
  10. Production line assessment process set up, such as real-time data collection and capacity planning analysis applications.
  11. DC brushless motor control development and design of various types of specifications.

Wireless Thermometer

Car Alarm System

Multi-Subsidiary Monitor

Driver Board of Brushless Motor

Various kinds of specifications
brushless DC motor

Professional pet hair clipper

DVD intended for car

Electronic control module
of lifting table

Inversion Table

Wireless Transfer Module

Electronic control module
of ward bed

Control box of electric bed

Control box of electric bed

Customized remote controller

USB Car Charger

Electric control module
of deluxe edition
electric running machine

Electric control module
of simple edition electric
running machine

Electric control module
of simple edition
electric running machine

Listing contains the entire product development and products are widely used in consumer and industrial electric fields, such as electric massage table, sphygmomanometer, electronic toys, watches, gifts, sports equipment, household electrical, RF remote control, remote control helicopter, shake control cars, power tools, and other products on the consumer and livelihood.