Time Events
2002 Funai Electric Co., Ltd. was established in Fengyuan, Taichung City.
2004 R&D monitor automatic dimming system, and earned positive feedbacks from US medical equipment suppliers.
2005 Auto-dimming system monitor earned patents of US, China, and Taiwan and sold to U.S. medical equipment providers.
2008 Earned U.S. electric massage electric control from bedding manufacturers.
2009 Passed the ISO9001 international quality certification.
2012 Additional lead-free man-machine automatic soldering furnace equipment and production lines.
2013 New plant established in Fengyuan, Taichung City.
2013/06 Mechatronics Development
2015 Fengyuan plant expansion, provide the best production capacity and service.
2016 Newly developed products: Electronic control module of inversion table / Electronic control module of electric desk / Power module of medical grade moving and handling equipment / Electronic control module of medical electric bed / Wireless transfer box......
2016/04 Passed the ISO-14001 environmental protection system certification.
2017 Import ISO-13485 medical equipment quality management system.